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Sound effects have been recorded

Batu Eritenel | This entry was posted on Jan 22 2016

Over 800 sound effects, including Foley have been recorded in the past 6 months. The reason it took this long was that besides recording, a recording studio had to be built, and unfortunately, I experienced a minor physical health problem, which delayed this process about a month. Now I started with sound editing and design. […]

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Changes in workflow

Batu Eritenel | This entry was posted on Jul 05 2015

Hi guys! Just wanted to let you know that I made some changes in the workflow of Laranzuh. I will start with sound effect recordings first, within a couple of days. Soundtrack of the game will follow. All post-production stuff, including programming, I will leave for the very last. That’s all… for now 😉

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Leaving 2014 Behind…

Batu Eritenel | This entry was posted on Dec 29 2014

Due to some disagreements with Orbital Asylum for the past five months, we decided to part our ways with them. As for time being, I am working on HDR tone mapping, color correction, panorama stitching and programming with the support of freelance programmers for a some time now. I would like to share a very […]

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Programming has begun!

Batu Eritenel | This entry was posted on Jun 26 2014

After a series of productive meetings with the Orbital Asylum team under the leadership of Deniz Opal, programming on Laranzuh has begun. There is more news to come and I will keep you updated more often, so stay tuned!

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