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Happy New Year Everyone!

Serdar Büyüktemiz | This entry was posted on Dec 31 2016

Even though time passes by quickly, Batu does not loose a bit of his passion for Laranzuh. To tell the truth I could not see what Batu saw 7 years ago. From a software developer’s point of view, Larunzuh was just another application to code back then. Now I can see that Batu started out […]

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Programming has begun!

Batu Eritenel | This entry was posted on Jun 26 2014

After a series of productive meetings with the Orbital Asylum team under the leadership of Deniz Opal, programming on Laranzuh has begun. There is more news to come and I will keep you updated more often, so stay tuned!

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And finally all shootings are done !

Batu Eritenel | This entry was posted on Jul 21 2013

I know, all of you must be wondering about the progress of Laranzuh. The project has not been canceled, in fact it continues without disruption. After a course of 1.5 year script-writing and 2.5 year of shooting, I am very happy to let you know that, finally, all photo and video shootings of the game […]

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Shootings are about to be completed!

Batu Eritenel | This entry was posted on Nov 21 2011

It’s been almost a year again since I last wrote.. and.. miraculously we are about to finish shootings ! The adventures we lived through with the team during shooting kind of just fits an adventure game, I mean we experienced a period just suiting the genre of the game. I don’t want to get into […]

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Some news…

Batu Eritenel | This entry was posted on Dec 25 2010

I just saw my post entry dated 25 December 2009. Now, exactly one year has passed and I would like to classify the developments so far. Game Language: The game is primarily planned to be in my native language, Turkish. I made this decision because a lot of complicated texts would need to be translated […]

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