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Happy New Year Everyone!

Serdar Büyüktemiz | This entry was posted on Dec 31 2016

Even though time passes by quickly, Batu does not loose a bit of his passion for Laranzuh. To tell the truth I could not see what Batu saw 7 years ago. From a software developer’s point of view, Larunzuh was just another application to code back then. Now I can see that Batu started out […]

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Analog Instruments and Equipment

Batu Eritenel | This entry was posted on Nov 17 2010

While I am working on the final stages of the script, I’m collecting musical instruments and equipment as well and most of them are analog except the Benchmarks (DAC1 and ADC). I prefer mostly analog because of its warm and lush sound. Sound effects and music will have both analog and digital characteristics, mixed in […]

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Adventure Game Genre

Batu Eritenel | This entry was posted on Oct 25 2010

I have been thinking about the future of Adventure Games for some time now. Will it die or merge with other genres? Why did it lose it’s power among other genres? What is happening to the Adventure Games? Where is it going to? In my opinion, the answers are quite positive. Let me explain. As […]

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Update from the Programmer

Serdar Büyüktemiz | This entry was posted on Jun 13 2010

At first, we wanted to make a 360 degree first person panorama as in Myst IV: Revelation. The ambiance of the game is amazing, but we considered the time needed on code development and gave up working on panorama for now. We developed some demos on Wintermute but are not sure yet whether to continue […]

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The bad and the good

Batu Eritenel | This entry was posted on Jun 12 2010

Let me summarize the happenings of the last 3 months. First, the bad news… • A week ago, while walking down the street with my friends I had a severe dizzy spell. That was the most interesting and bad experience I ever encountered. I felt terribly dizzy, had temporary hearing loss and a feeling of […]

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