Adventure Game Genre

I have been thinking about the future of Adventure Games for some time now. Will it die or merge with other genres? Why did it lose it’s power among other genres? What is happening to the Adventure Games? Where is it going to?

In my opinion, the answers are quite positive. Let me explain.

As I see it, the Adventure Games Genre doesn’t have much in common with today’s computer games. It is the most successful trial of the interactive movie concept. It’s an art form of its own. It has its own grammar and narration. It has distinctive characteristics. The most important one is that it has predetermined structure like movies. But, the other games have endless possibilities due to the development of artificial intelligence in digital technology. By predetermined structure I mean that the creator of the game is trying to put something “specific” in the creation, as in the arts.

Can you say that “Film” art will fade away and die because of technological development. If not, then the statements and fears about the death of the adventure game genre is definitely nonsense, unless your expectations are tend towards technology itself rather then the arts.

By the way, it’s going very well. I will post the details later.