And finally all shootings are done !

I know, all of you must be wondering about the progress of Laranzuh. The project has not been canceled, in fact it continues without disruption. After a course of 1.5 year script-writing and 2.5 year of shooting, I am very happy to let you know that, finally, all photo and video shootings of the game are done as of now, including inventory, photomontage, visual effects and in-game design shootings.

All photographs within the game, together with 360 degree panoramas were taken in HDR (High dynamic range), and the videos were shot in 1080p HD (Full HD). Stop-motion technique has been used for the animation scenes. All this raw data takes up a space of more than 1.5 TB.

Reasons for delays in process duration and not meeting the deadlines are, that I didn’t anticipate the time I would spend in regards to my meticulousness and perfectionism, my team being a small one and the collection and maintenance of music equipment. Good thing I didn’t anticipate all these, otherwise I wouldn’t have had the courage to begin this project.