Some news…

I just saw my post entry dated 25 December 2009. Now, exactly one year has passed and I would like to classify the developments so far.

Game Language: The game is primarily planned to be in my native language, Turkish. I made this decision because a lot of complicated texts would need to be translated into proper English before the production. Moreover, to do the live sound recordings with a non-English cast (some of whom don’t know English), would be a great problem. For now, there is no time, budget and assigned crew to solve these problems. But, every little bit will be meticulously translated to English (and most likely, to other languages by the publisher) with an in-game motivated way. I mean, you will choose your language within the game world using a kind of special glasses.

Game Engine: The most recent decision is using Unity (No, we’re still doing first-person panorama, not 3D). By using Unity, it’s possible to compile the game to Web, PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Xbox 360 and PS3. Doesn’t this sound great !

Scriptwriting: Well… I have been writing for over a year now and 95% of the script is finished. Right now, I am working on the final scene, do overall revisions and retouches, etc. Actually, I didn’t realize that the details and maintaining the whole quality would become such a real problem as the scriptwriting advanced. Also, all possible in-game action combinations, adding realism and these kind of things took a lot of time and effort.

Pre-Production: I have been collecting props, equipment, accessories, etc and exploring locations for the last year as the script progresses. The pre-production will end approximately in two months and the production will begin immediately after that.

Wish you all a Happy New Year filled with health, wealth, love, peace, music and adventure gaming!