The bad and the good

Let me summarize the happenings of the last 3 months.

First, the bad news…
• A week ago, while walking down the street with my friends I had a severe dizzy spell. That was the most interesting and bad experience I ever encountered. I felt terribly dizzy, had temporary hearing loss and a feeling of pressure in my brain. I felt like I was going to faint. My doctor told me that this could be Meniere’s disease but that I had nothing serious. Now, I am applying some alternative treatments with herbs and stuff.
• The script should have been finished by the end of this month but I have only completed nearly half of it. For not to compromise the expectations, my anticipated completion deadline of the game is postponed to early summer of 2011.

The good news…
• To ensure more precise audio-visuals in both, video, and photo shootings I bought a Canon EOS 5D Mark II with some accessories and various other equipment, I want them to be top-notch in unison with the story.
• Right now, I am working on the game only, no other bits and pieces.