The Script

Yes… I admit months past since the first steps for the game were taken. I have been dealing with a lot of different things like the backing up of a lot of data, including old photos, videos, other video/audio/music projects and detailed home resettling for my working environment. Also, I made great progress regarding my MYST collection. I have photographed all the MYST items and made a detailed list of all of them. And because of all these, combined with some other bits and pieces, I didn’t have time to spend on the game project. But, I have just started to write the script and surprisingly it is going very well. I discussed the game engine and general subjects with Serdar in detail. I have eliminated some of the engines and now have 2-3 of them on top of the list. The game is planned for PC and iOS (Ipod-Iphone-Ipad) at the moment, being an old Mac user I think it will be great to port it to Mac also. Anyway, I am going to İzmir in two days to celebrate New Year’s Eve with my family. The back story has finished and the rest shall be finished in approximately 3 months, including game/puzzle design and retouching. After that, the shooting script will be written and other things like light-video-audio equipment/prop procurement etc will start. All the video shootings and photo shoots will be done in İzmir. A lot of hard work is waiting for me. That’s all for now. Have a Happy New Year!