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Leaving 2014 Behind…

Comments Off on Leaving 2014 Behind… | This entry was posted on Dec 29 2014

Due to some disagreements with Orbital Asylum for the past five months, we decided to part our ways with them. As for time being, I am working on HDR tone mapping, color correction, panorama stitching and programming with the support of freelance programmers for a some time now.

I would like to share a very exciting news with you. Up until now, there have been a lot of problems and setbacks, but I would have never thought that this would be a sign for a very good thing. Since I started making the game in 2009, rapid technological development made me take a step further from HD resolution, which was back then my highest goal. In short, Laranzuh’s native resolution is going to be 4K Ultra HD !

I know you deserve much more for all this wait, but unfortunately I can only share 3 early in-game footage with you for now.

Click here to download 3 early in-game footage in 4K resolution. To be able to see the actual footage resolution in fullscreen, a minimum 3840 x 2160 resolution monitor is needed. Click here to download low resolution footage.

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