About the Past, Present, and Future

Hello to you all after a very long break, it’s been over 2 years after all… Some of you gave up hope on us, some are disappointed because they didn’t hear from us and some are sad… You all are right, but I wanted to wait for the situation to become more clear before writing anything. I’ll try to sum up without taking too much of your time. You’ll spend enough time playing the game anyway 🙂

During the time you didn’t hear from us two vital changes happened. First change was my move from Istanbul to my hometown Izmir. I decided to do this because my conditions in Istanbul started affecting the making of the game negatively and my living standards started to fall. But this took much longer than I estimated, just like the game’s general progress, because quite a number of sensitive sound equipment and musical instruments had to be transported and things to be done to settle in the new home. Also, it may look as if the game’s progress is affected negatively because of me being very meticulous about settling and having high life standard expectations, but it was necessary for my output in the long run. Thus I said hello to a very satisfying new living surrounded by nature.

Second change was that I had to part with our programmer Serdar Büyüktemiz in a way I never would have thought. After this unexpected separation, I decided to do the programming myself as well, like all the other things. Previously Serdar and I had agreed on using game engine Unity, but during the moving and settling process, it gave up its place to Unreal Engine. The most important reason for this was that it provides tools for someone being not a programmer like me to make a game like Laranzuh with special custom programming needs. After studying the game engine in detail and also finding other positive aspects of it, my decision became final. Of course, if my brother Tugan Eritenel had not accepted to support me on programming, a much tougher and longer period would be ahead of me.

As I summed up the past and the present let’s talk about the future… for better or for worse, from what I got to know and the lessons I learned in the past 10 years, I don’t like to set a launch date for the game, however I sincerely aim to finish off Laranzuh by getting into a one year period of hard work. Because neither do I want to have Laranzuh interfere with making my long lasting other dreams come true, nor do I have the patience to wait for Laranzuh to reach you all !

I can line up the daily workflow by roughly splitting it into five steps to finish the game; image processing, video processing, audio processing, soundtrack production, and game programming. Also, there is some extra design and shooting work to be done. I might not be able to write from here due to the busy pace, but you can follow up on the developments from our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account. Those of you who don’t prefer social media may subscribe to our Email Newsletter or RSS Feed. At least, I’ll definitely inform about the game’s launch. Also, check out our YouTube Channel for future video uploads !

Now, let me go back to my game…