Happy New Year Everyone!

Even though time passes by quickly, Batu does not loose a bit of his passion for Laranzuh.

To tell the truth I could not see what Batu saw 7 years ago. From a software developer’s point of view, Larunzuh was just another application to code back then. Now I can see that Batu started out to create a new “adventure game” sub-category.

We went through a period of inexpertness and ambition. Life first confronted us both with the wrong people. Besides, this game is more to handle than expected, and actually now we know that there is a reason for this game not to have finished earlier.

Now we have a more powerful synergy…

We rolled up our sleeves to finish Laranzuh this year.

I can’t wait to play Laranzuh by turning off the lights and enjoy it with a surround sound system and 4K resolution.

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